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Providing the highest level of assistance

A logistics partner built to surpass expectations

As an experienced logistics provider, we’ve grown with the demand for viable alternative options to the traditional brokerage model. Through valuable partnerships and creative solutions, Point Logistics is quality assurance. The difference is in knowing your goods will be meticulously and safely delivered to their destination.

Partnerships are built on trust. Trust is built on a track record.

Our Story

Three partners – Mac Taul, John Stimpson and Christopher Watkins, started Point Logistics in 2006. Around that time, the Container Terminal at the Port of Mobile, AL began to expand. They saw the opportunity to utilize their professional backgrounds in importing, warehousing, and railroad transportation to offer a unique perspective to domestic transportation solutions. Their families have spent generations serving the shipyards, railroads, and manufacturers who formed their livelihoods around  

international shipping. Utilizing the knowledge of those who came before them and recruiting talented professionals that are honest, motivated, and customer service driven, they have built one of the largest intermodal fleets on the Gulf Coast. In turn, this has created opportunities for Point Logistics to serve client’s logistical solutions throughout the United States.  Their network of contacts throughout all modes of transportation are proven and trusted.