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SIX - Southern Intermodal Xpress
Our Intermodal Services Sister Company

Intermodal logistics, rail and truck spotting in Mobile, Alabama.
Intermodal services brokerage in Mobile Al, and New Orleans LA
Logistics services brokerage in Mobile Al, New Orleans LA, and fulgport MS
Intermodal train and truck logistics in Mobile AL

We provide Rail & Truck Spotting Services with efficiency and flexibility products of 8 years of experience working with many types of materials, as well as servicing a variety of clients with different needs and requirements.

For a more detailed description of our services please visit our Rail & Truck Spotting page.

Our assets based Intermodal Services Brokerage primarily takes advantage of our sister company Southern Intermodal Xpress with over 180 truck, warehousing partner, which is complemented with thousands of other intermodal services providers and contractors.

We provide our clients with and intimate knowledge of the Eastern Southern intermodal ecosystem, especially in the areas of Mobile (Alabama), Gulfport (Mississippi) and New Orleans (Louisiana).

Please visit our Intermodal Services Brokerage page for a detailed review of our approach.

Our Story

Three partners - Mac Taul, John Stimpson and Christopher Watkins, started Point Logistics in 2006, as the Container Terminal at the Port of Mobile, AL began to expand. Their professional backgrounds in importing, warehousing and railroad transportation allowed them to see a need for reliable container drayage services in the area. As word of their professionalism and reliability circulated within the industry, Point Logistics grew quickly into a full-service intermodal transport company, with a large fleet of trucks and operators. In just a few short years, Point Logistics now serves clients throughout the United States, and offers drayage services at ports all along the Gulf Coast.

Mac, John and Christopher offer a unique perspective to intermodal trucking. Their families have spent generations serving the shipyards, railroads, and manufacturers who formed their livelihoods around international shipping. And with the knowledge of those who came before them, they are especially prepared to build on the future.

"Point Logistics offers good ole’ fashion customer service with real people, quick answers and guaranteed service."

Teresa Pittillo, President, Poseidon Forwarding Company, Inc.
Woodstock, GA

"Simply put, Point Logistics provides a very reliable service. Shippers that do business with APM Terminals Mobile speak very highly of Southern Intermodal Xpress and of the valued service they provide. We can clearly see in our communications with Southern Intermodal Xpress that they listen to the voice of their customers. They are creative thinkers that tailor their services to meet individual customer’s needs. Point Logistics is a very positive component of the Mobile Port Community."

Brian L. Harold, Managing Director, APM Terminals
Mobile, AL

"We partnered with Point Logistics early on and have never looked back since. The reason… good ole’ fashion customer service with real people, quick answers and guaranteed service. Mirror image of our company philosophies."

Teresa Pittillo, President, Poseidon Forwarding Company, Inc.
Woodstock, GA