Intermodal Services Brokerage
Mobile . New Orleans . Gulfport . Alabama . Eastern South

Assets-based intermodal brokerage through its sister company Southern Intermodal Xpress (SIX) with over 180 trucks and extensive warehousing, as well as through 1,000s of contractors.

Warehousing intermodal logiostics service in Mobile AL and New Orleans LA
Trucks cointainer and garfo intermodal logiostic services.
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Point Logistics & Southern Intermodal

Point Logistics provides logistics services, warehousing, intermodal transit, freight and support to fleet of 190 Company Trucks, under Southern Intermodal Express and over 1,000 contracted independent owner operators.

Our clients have a seamless single step setup process with Point Logistics, which enables each client access to a multitude of logistical solutions.

Southern Alabama intermodal warehousing services

Logistic Services

We have extensive experience in Container Drayage and Intermodal Freight services including trucking and rail & truck spotting services.

Whatever your logistic services challenges are, we can help you devising a creative solutions and then making it happen.

Intermodal Transit

Point Logistics is prepared to advise and help you find intermodal transit resources and providers for each stage of your operation.

Freight & Support

Not only we have over 180 trucks readily available from our sister company Southern Intermodal Xpress, we can find any freight resource that you may need, and negotiate convenient terms.

Our extensive experience, wide network of contacts and our dedication are at your service.


Through Southern Intermodal Xpress we have direct warehousing partners. If different locations or any other conditions demand a different solution, we will find it for you.